About me | Milena – the woman behind Mamunche

by Milena

My passion about cooking might have started in a very early age as my mom is telling a story how I was “helping” her baking cookies when I was around three years old. Now 30 years later I love being creative in many different ways. One of my hobbies is to experiment in the kitchen. As someone born and raised in Bulgaria, I love using white cheese and yoghurt in many dishes.

Milena Wehr - the woman behind Mamunche

Passion in international taste

After living in a few different countries, now I am based in Munich, Germany. Here I share my life with the man that I love, André. Our daily food is combining Bavarian, Bulgarian and international recipes that I share with friends and family. When we travel, we don’t bring back home souvenirs but food, wine, tasty impressions and always some good restaurants’ recommendations.

Simple, delicious and healthy

The time has come to share all these experiences with a broader audience of great people who love to cook, travel and enjoy life.
Welcome to my blog!