Candle light dinner over the Munich sky

by Milena
Olympiapark München

We all love good home made food but we also like going out and having dinner with friends or just enjoying different food and interesting locations. We choose a restaurant not just for the food but also for the atmosphere…because it is cozy, romantic, or because of the great view 🙂

This year, for my birthday in January, I’ve received a dinner voucher for the restaurant with the best view in Munich. My honey knows what I like and this makes the present just perfect <3. I left my dinner voucher to rest for few months as I really wanted to go there in the summer when the days are long, the sky is clear and sunsets are beautiful… So we booked a table in mid-June.

Reservation was made for 8 p.m. but we were there a few minutes earlier and went to the platform to enjoy the view and the fresh summer wind…What a view!

The restaurant is located in the Olympic Tower, 181 meters above the ground and a revolving dining room which is rotating in 360 °. The view that you get over the city is quite spectacular and the food is really exclusive. This dinner was an experience in a whole new dimension, not just the food was a culinary excellence but the location just made it so special 🙂 .

Munich Olympia Area

The Menu of the Dinner over the Munich Sky

One full rotation of the restaurant takes around one hour so we stayed for two hours and got the chance to see the city by day light, by sunset and by night. It is really impressive and unfortunately difficult to take quality pictures with a smart phone there because of the thick window glass. But let’s not forget what we went there for … 😉

We had a setup menu and this is, in general, the concept of the restaurant. They do offer 3 menus, one for lunch and 2 for dinner. we had the candle light dinner menu which was a 3-course meal with wine accompany to each meal.

Menu of the Dinner over the Munich Sky

The starters

The starter of grilled tuna with asparagus was exceptionally good. The asparagus was excellently cooked, soft on the inside but crispy on the outside. The combination of the tuna, the avocado, and the sauce was really very delicious and both of us really enjoyed this course.

The gazpacho afterward was very tasty too. Served in a classic soup plate, with a vegetable tartar some crispy toasted bread and topped with some mixed greens. This was just a perfect fresh appetizer for this season.

There was a small fruit sorbet served, between the courses, which was really good to neutralize the taste and prepare for the main course.

The main course

The main dish was a fillet of vial with celery cream, sauteed wild mushrooms, glazed baby carrots and herb jus. I am not really a “meat person”, I am more into fish or vegetarian food, but still I wanted to try the veal and what the chef has chosen to create and I was really surprised that a medium-well cooked veal could be so tender. The celery cream complimented very well and the mushroom and carrots were amazingly delicious.

The wine was chosen to compliment the food and the one served with the main course came straightly to my favorite wine list. This was 2014/2015 Cuveé Josef *** Barrique from Winery Stern Pfalz, Germany.

Main Course of the Dinner over the Munich Sky | Hauptspeise beim Dinner über München

The dessert

The dessert was really very interesting. It was hard to guess what exactly was it :). I think that on the inside was a nougat semifreddo with frozen strawberries topped with some browned meringue.

I have to say that I am not that a fan of meringue as it was just a touch too sweet for my taste, but André loved it.

Dessert of the Dinner | Dessert beim Dinner über München

Wrap up

It was really a great evening that we spend in this great restaurant with an amazing view and we enjoyed some really excellent food!

If you want to spend an evening with your love there, you’ll find some more information to the Restaurant 181 here.



Shirley Corder 6. October 2017 - 14:45

Wow! What an amazing meal and view! You’ve made me hungry just looking at it! Thanks for sharing.

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Milena 7. October 2017 - 12:46

Thank you Shirley

Maya Maceka 6. October 2017 - 20:48

Wow! What a beautiful experience. I might be going to Munich closer to Christmas.. and I’ll have to keep this restaurant in mind. Great photos! 🙂

Milena 7. October 2017 - 12:46

Thank you Maya. Enjoy Munich and the Christmas Market


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