Corn Husk Wreath DIY ( Do It Yourself )

by Milena
Kranz aus Maisblättern

What you need to build the Corn Husk Wreath

  • 1 wire hanger from the dry cleaning
  • 1 bag full of corn husk
  • 1 fabric ribbon
  • fall leaves
  • chestnuts
  • pine cones
  • natural paper raffia ribbon


  • office stapler
  • hot glue gun
Corn Husk Wreath Elements || Kranz aus Maisblättern für die Tür oder Wand

Door wreaths are so beautiful way to express yourself and to express the spirit of your home. The wreath does not have to be hanged out on the door, it can also make a great decor for your walls.

This upcycling project is a lot of fun and you just need an hour or two creative time.

I have used a hanger from the dry cleaning and form a circle then wrap it up with some old tea towel for some volume. Of course, you can buy a wreath from handicrafts store. I just wanted to try out and do this at very low cost.
The corn husk I had collected from fields right after the harvesting. Just make sure this is alright in the country and area where you live… 🙂 I do not want to get you into trouble.

I have used the stapler to connect the husk leaves and make one really long piece and then wrap the wreath and staple it. Do not worry about the staples – once you are ready with the husk you can hide the staples with the leaves, chestnuts and pine cones that you decorate with. Use a hot glue gun and just decorate as you like 🙂 Get wild and creative!

At the end, you can add a nice ribbon which makes the wreath looks more festive.

P.S. I did want to put our names on it but did not have a nice piece of wood …so I just used a wooden laundry clip which I have split into halves.

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